Heaven and Hell

Producing a full length album all by one self is - like every big creative project - a tour de force of highs and lows. Its constantly switching between Heaven and Hell.

But as things start to fit together in a bigger scheme and as an own sound for the whole album evolves there are far more heavenly hours :)

And even the bandwidth of the songs seems to reflect it a bit. From sweet and touching to clubby, raw and punchy.

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“Unknown Place” snippet, work in progress, Vocals by Linn Meisner, Cello by Beate Wolff (who perform wonderful and interesting acoustic live music as “Fallinn Wolff”   http://www.facebook.com/fallinnwolff)

And a new snippet of some harder stuff:

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…and back to work :)

25 Responses to “Heaven and Hell”

  1. pseehaw Says:

    good work Rolf!
    when can we expect the album?

  2. Peter aka altarnax Says:

    Yess! Nice! :D
    Good Work!


  3. Nick_14 Says:

    Sehr cool, gefällt mir beides ziemlich gut. Halte uns weiter auf dem laufenden:)

  4. Ptr Says:

    Amazing stuff! Good that you took the time to come up with these great tunes!

  5. Gunnar Spardel Says:

    Wow! Rolf is a genius!!!!! Can’t wait for the new record!!!!

  6. Wojtek Says:

    ‘glimpse of wobblestuff’ chapter #2! I make sure it will be my favorite one ;) Can’t wait!

  7. Marco Says:

    Wow, echt hammer. Hatte gedacht es ist fertig zu meinem heutigen Geburtstag Rolf.Grins.

    gruss Marco Ludwig

  8. Fabian Says:

    Danke Rolf für diesen Blog! Super die Entstehung der Songs mitzuverfolgen.

  9. Ptr Says:

    and btw: great that you are also using vocals!

  10. spaceradio Says:

    Thanks for the update on the progress of your upcoming album and the two more than promising snippets! So looking forward to the launch…

  11. Koellefornian Says:

    Best snippet so far :)

  12. boka Says:

    2nd one kicks ass!

  13. gaesch Says:

    ohhhh man -> ich war schon fast sauer weils echt blöd ist das künstler immer was davon sagen wann sie etwas fertig haben aber immer länger brauchen und in diesem fall sogar über 2 monate und es wird sogar noch dauern.
    doch diese kristall klare stimme und dieses sowas von gefühlvolle cello sind nur geil !!!

    ich denke ich spreche nicht nur für mich wenn ich sage , das ich dafür bin auch bei diesem album einen remix contest zu machen!!!


  14. talex Says:

    das erste ist sehr gut

  15. Tomek Says:

    3 x YES!

  16. Sascha Says:

    wow, two promising and quite different tracks, makes me anxious for hearing the whole album to see how the diverse tracks fit together

    go on!

  17. tom Says:

    unuschual sounds :)

  18. ollo Says:

    gefällt mir beides richtig gut. die stimme, das cello und der beat, richtig geil.

    beim zweiten snippet musste ich an “klaus doldinger - ein fall für zwei” denken, die ersten 3 noten sind die selben bei -0:52. vom style her wieder genau richtig, die steigerung funktioniert sehr gut, geil.

  19. littlejay Says:

    I’m lazy and don’t have the energy to translate everything you have written on your Facebook page, but I understand you mention that pre-orders are available soon and that there will be a physical CD and digital version but no download. Right?

    So when is the CD available for pre-order and how do I order it?

  20. entropy Says:


    Rolf said we should watch this place the week after next.

  21. Rolf Says:

    Yes, i think i will set up a possibility to pre-order the CD next week here…

  22. Rolf Says:

    The CD will be a full album, you might already guess how many tracks it will have :)
    I hope to keep the price of THIRTEEN STORIES, but need to see how much the pressing and packaging will cost… we didnt even chose a packaging… so much to do these days :D

  23. littlejay Says:

    Well make sure you charge enough for it, I want you to be able to continue producing music and it doesn’t really matter whether it’s 19 € or 39€ to me at least. It’s a Rolf Maier Bode production after all, easily worth the money :)

  24. lilacfairy Says:

    wow also zu dem zweiten würd ich gern in der disko abtanzen! :)

  25. Sejo Says:

    Lovely layers in “Unknown Place”! Classic Rolf!

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