Critical Listening…

Today - while 97% of the people of the rheinarea are totally drunken and stroll singing and dancing through the streets - i have a listening session of some of my not-yet-finished-songs at a friends mastering studio…

Steffen Müller´s room has near perfect acoustics and shows unmercifully what is still missing concering the mix and production… but the songs are MUCH better sounding than the ones of THIRTEEN STORIES three years ago… i am quite happy with the raw material right now :)

And although we discussed a lot of things that i still have to do, i can feel that the end product will be…. GREAT… :)

That´s Steffen Müller forced to listen to the raw material….

15 Responses to “Critical Listening…”

  1. Wojtek Says:

    nice color ;D

  2. chr Says:

    only one chair

  3. Ptr Says:

    Concerning “forced to listen to raw material”: I would volunteer! :-)

  4. Adam M. Says:

    What is the type / name of the speakers and the sub?
    Wow… :D

  5. Fabian Says:

    Is that microwave Prince? What does he master beneath Your tracks?

  6. Rolf Says:

    @chr: yes, one of us was standing all the time… there is only ONE perfect listening spot there :)

    @adam: B&W Nautilus 802 (i think, ill ask next time to be sure)

    @fabiab: yes he is… he masters a lot of club music and hip hop stuff… if you are interested simply ask him :)

  7. Julian Says:

    Fabian, you can find out more here:

  8. Steff Says:

    @adam: thats B&W Nautilus 802 and 2 12″ Custom Rythmikaudio Direct Servo Subs

    @chr: yeah, one chair…there can be only one captain on the bridge :-D …but there is a couch in the back

  9. Rolf Says:

    Give Steffen Microwave-Prince-DIY-gallery-Müller a warm welcome! :)
    (if you like audio gear, have a look onto his DIY gallery… link?)

  10. Julian Says:

    here it is :-)

  11. Adam M. Says:

    Thank You Steff!

  12. Goki Says:

    Rolf, please do a proper mastering like people used to do 20 years ago without extensive sound compression. Most people who buy your music do not really care for loudness and they are not played on radio anyway so they do not need to sound like wall of sound. Thirteen Nights is beautiful and is not too much compressed but I believe that without any compression it would be an outstanding piece of art. Make this record sound as records used to sound. You are still one of few artists who make me happy to listen to.

  13. Goki Says:

    EDIT to my previous post: I meant Thirteen Stories not Thirteen Nights anyway.

  14. raver3002 Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Goki. Against loudness war and for high fidelity! BTW: in my opinion, the mastering for Thirteen Stories was definitly better than for Thirteen Nights.

  15. Rolf Says:

    I am on your side… we will condense the sound, as far as it helps the energy of the song, but we will not crush the transients to just get a “loud” master… to my ears those uberloud “masters” are simply NOT meant to be listened at a higher volume… these just make me pull the volume DOWN…

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