“Twenty Thirteen” @ iTunes

The full Album available at iTunes now!

Und hier bei amazon.de (and it should be available at amazon in many countries, just check…)

20 Responses to ““Twenty Thirteen” @ iTunes”

  1. dai_atlas Says:

    In Russian iTunes it cost only $3, but I’ll wait CD :)

  2. Rolf Says:

    WHAT?? thats sad, because after apple and paypal (and their special $>€ conversion) i´ll get less than 1 € for the full album download… :/

  3. boka Says:

    Purchased it yesterday. Thank you!
    off : my account was charged 8.99EUR. (Ungarn)

  4. gsm Says:

    gekauft :) 8,99€ in de und das ist sie auch wert! Vielen Dank!

  5. redbullede Says:

    Ist verdammt lange her das ich mal eine CD gekauft habe aber hier waren mir die 2 Alben es doch absolut Wert diese als Original zu Hause zu haben….
    Aber die bequemlichkeit und der Zeitgeist bieten halt einfach die Möglichkeit an und die Verbreitung und Werbund ist eifach besser.

    Aber ein Original ist doch was feines ;-)

  6. dai_atlas Says:

    Today got a CD, excellent music, thanks!

  7. 4thfloor Says:

    could you publish it on spotify?

  8. Rolf Says:

    i tried spotify & co with THIRTEEN STORIES which made me quite exactly 69$ (for 2.5 years!), so… NO… no independent artist can even pay the telephone bill with streaming income like this…

    so please consider buying at least the download (if not the real CD :) ) at iTunes or amazon…

    your independent artist


  9. Michael Says:

    Genial!!! habe gerade ein exemplar geordert

    gibt es IRGENDEINE Möglichkeit, die beiden vorgängeralben noch auf CD zu kaufen? ich bin da altmodisch und habe - gerade bei guten Sachen - lieber etwas “handfestes” als virtuelle mp3-dateien…

  10. Sebastian Says:

    Gekauft (@Amazon) und nicht enttäuscht. Danke. Hoffentlich ist der Verdienst bei Amazon höher als bei Spotify.

  11. Rolf Says:

    :) Danke, ja, bei amazon bekomme ich etwa die Hälfte des Kaufpreises, das ist OK

  12. maxauthority Says:

    @Rolf: Dann wundersts mich aber noch immer, was du gegen Google Play hast, dort bekommst du 70% des Kaufpreises wenn ich das richtig interpretiert hab. Aber ok, gegen eine prinzipielle Abneigung kann man nichts machen, versteh ich auch :) Aber auf den ersten Blick wirkt das für den Artisten echt fair.

    Ich habs jetzt übrigens bei Amazon.at/de um EUR9.9 gekauft, vielen Dank für das wunderschöne Album und bleib weiterhin ein “independent artist”! Viel Erfolg!

  13. jan madsen Says:

    hi im a big fan of RMB and my Brother allso, so were near DENMARK, DO YOU performe….?..in northt germany?? this year 2013


  14. Sascha Says:

    @Rolf: Even that I totally understand your point concerning Spotify&co, don’t dismiss these platforms completely. I’d rather suggest to make a “social live version” of 2013, meaning a nicely stripped down and charming version comparable to the soundcloud cuts, but with some smoother starts and ends of songs and some “advertizing breaks” with talks about the album, how one can buy it, how it was produced, links to your blog etc. baked into some songs. So, use these platforms to promote you album that more people take notice of your release.
    Further, consider releasing your next album on USB as well (customised with your design/logo…), since we all love technology some may even prefer a “post-usable” device than a CD…

  15. Rolf Says:

    hey sascha, some nice ideas… i even calculated a USB stick release for Twenty Thirteen, but it was to expensive to my mind unless i used small ones like 1GB that are of not much use afterwards… but the idea remains… maybe some day… when no one has a CD player except in a PS4…

  16. Martin Says:

    Hi Rolf is there any chance that you will sell your music through bandcamp, as itunes ( need install itunes software to buy music, is not even available for linux, which is my primary os ) and amazon (country restrictions) are not the best options for me and probably for more people, would be i think also better for you as they take only 15% of your sales and are international available.

  17. Marko Says:

    Is this album available to buy as a lossless quality download somewhere? Amazon is mp3 and iTunes doesn’t say anything about the format (or even have a link for buying for that matter).

    I loved the album preview video, but I am much more interested in getting a lossless copy over mp3’s. I am considering ordering the CD though.

  18. Rolf Says:

    For now i have no intentions of offering lossless downloads, as there is a CD available, and a lossless DL would not be that much less money… so, if you still have access to a CD-Rom somewhere, please consider buying the CD and see it as a backup… a very attractive one, too :)

    bandcamp and others is not planned right now… CD, iTunes or amazon it is…

  19. Jone Idsal Says:

    Are all three albums possible to by on CD?
    Would like to get them all.
    Also, on youtube i’ve heard short clips of remixes of some of you’re melodies. Will you be releasing them on iTunes?
    I’ve already bought all three albums on iTunes.
    Hope youll get some time to make more music in the future.
    Been a fan of you’re music all the way back to Trax, But you’re newest music is like perfume to my ears.
    Also. Do you sign the CD’s?

  20. Rolf Says:

    Hey Jone, i do sign CDs, yes, but “Thriteen Nights” is only available as a download…
    Mail me about the other two CDs if you would like to have them…


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