Sound & Music für Maserati


Mackevision Showreel 2017

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Music for HYUNDAI...

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Testing the Modal 008 analog polyphonic synthesizer


Und noch ein Interview im Internet-Radio

Kurzes Telefon-Interview mit mir:

Sonntag, 09.10.2016 von 21 bis 23 Uhr auf dem Blue Channel von (direkter Stream link: )

Beschreibung: "An diesem Sonntagabend von 21 bis 23 Uhr wird euch Steven Liquid durch die neue Ausgabe führen und neben neuen Sounds auch wieder ON THE PHONE mit einem Gast über aktuelles der Szene sprechen. Diesmal zu Gast: Rolf Maier Bode! (hä, wer? Versuch’s mal mit den Initialen des Namens!!) RMB zählte zwischen Mitte der 90er /Anfang 200er zu den erfolgreichsten elektronischen Musikprojekten auf dem deutschen Musikmarkt und erreichte u.a. Gold-Status in den deutschen Single-Charts! Noch Fragen? Also freut euch auf 2 Stunden zum Ausklang des Wochenendes und schaltet ein!!"


EDIT: Post mit LINK kopiert

Steven Liquid (Wednesday, 12 October 2016 12:25)

Hi, die Sendung gibt's auf unserem Mixcloud Channel,
Das hier ist der Link:

LG Steven


Any style that fits the mood

 I do electronic music, love analog synths, epic orchestra, weird sounds, banging drums.

See: “Foundation”.


But i also  write and produce music for TV and Film. Any style that fits the mood.

See below. (click "read more")


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Mayday 2016

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Foundation Rezension // FAZE

Thanks Manuel, thanks FAZE for that (german) article:


2016 >> 25th MAYDAY >> meet the guest


Maybe... Mayday?                                                                       Yes!

EDIT (160407)


Raver´s Nature asked me to join their live set and therefore i will play 15-20 minutes live between 0:00 and 1:00 in the Twenty Dome

@ MAYDAY 2016 Dortmund Westfalenhallen 


New website!

Welcome to my new website. I copied the last posts of my old blog here, but can´t copy the comments. The old blog will be available soon as an archive link, too. 


And to all who bought “Foundation”: What´s your favorite track?


CD Release "Foundation"

Yesterday evening i finished the mastering, Kai Hoffmann finished the cover design and everything went to the production house. I just now controlled the printing data and gave the final “go”....


// EDIT for new website // CDs are already shipping, go get yours, its much simpler now, just click "Shop" above :)



"Analog Underground" Snippet


Happy new Year!

 A happy new year 2016 to all of you! Cheers!


Even yesterday was half a working day… the upcoming album… still so much i want to try… production deadline is in ten days… try to post more work in progress next week… need a rest today 



Values are the foundation of society.


first teaser....

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Rolf Maier Bode - new album in progress

Dear friends of energetic and emotional electronic music, it is my pleasure to tell you that i am working on a new CD for you. For now there is a dozen of ideas that might become full songs - or not. My deadline is so inhumanly close, that not every work will get finished meaning i can´t tell you how many songs the album will have. Definitely not 13. Maybe much less. But: It will be available next year. Let me rephrase that: It will be available NEXT MONTH 


Planned release date is end of january - only six weeks from now…


I also intended to document my progress with videos, but due to the very limited amount of time i haven’t manage to do so… maybe next week…


Although i have always gathered music ideas in the last two years the main catalyst for that upcoming selection of songs is my expanded analog modular setup. I even did drums with that chaos of cables. I also went much further with my concept of “meta sounds” leaving typical EDM schemes of separated synth, pad, bass and drums behind me… i had drumloops or even modules triggering pads and modulating bass and sent everything through a filter that was audio modulated by an oscillator that followed the cords… just as an example… toying around.. and:


Finding my voice


Today, with supercomputers in our hands and access to tens of thousands of sounds by a mouse click the hunger for fresh, unheard voices to use as an artist is stronger than ever in me… and if everyone is doing it the simple way resulting in sounding like all the others - fine for them, but not for me… to be clear: I don´t want “complicated” i lust for diverse, unheard, complex - thats a big difference… but soon you may hear and can judge for yourself if you like…


to be continued…



Rolf Maier Bode




If a truck engine was a song...

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