Rolf Maier Bode composes and produces music.



Born 1974 it all began in the mid-80s, after lots of boring piano lessons, as a C64 “pre-PC” computer brought fresh sounds and new creative possibilities with it.


The vision was to combine emotional melodies with hard and unheard sounds and ultimately lead to several projects before he even finished school: Nautilus, Skyflyer, Manitou, RMB.


The RMB project brought six Top20 hits, a golden record and hundreds of live gigs (Mayday, Nature One, Love Parade…) with it.

2005 began a new chapter though: Rolf Maier Bode started composing for clients directly.


Until now he produced his “bespoke contemporary music” for clients including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Microsoft, MARS, Pringles, Dove and the European Space Agency. For a short teaser of his bespoke work:


Nevertheless he still does his own music and released the following albums via this website:


(2009) THIRTEEN STORIES (CD & Download)

(2010) THIRTEEN NIGHTS (Download only)

(2013) Twenty Thirteen (CD & Download)


(2016) Foundation (CD & Download)


My old blog (2008 - 2015) is still available here: